The Acquistion

— A Partnership for Consistent Wins

The Contracts Department the Aquisition Alliance

The Acquisition Alliance

— A Partnership for Consistent Wins

Without experienced formal personnel and processes in place to ensure contract success, contract acquisition can feel like trial by fire.

In order to have every contract be a win, you need dedicated support.

Through the Contract Acquisition Alliance, we act as your best-in-class resource for government & commercial contract acquisition and customized support services.

From identifying your current activities & processes to determining where you want and need to be,

  • Clarification of personnel currently supporting the function.

  • Audit of current processes, alongside company goals.

  • Inventory of current contracts and review of financial performance.

  • Identify targeted customers.

  • Research of available contracts for relevance.

  • Recommendations for acquiring / terminating contracts.

  • Strategies on how to market & leverage contracts.

  • Business development plan assistance.

  • Business certifications (where fitting) and registration.

  • GSA RFP & proposal review and assistance with negotiations.

  • Ongoing operational support and customized process creation.


We are personally grateful to Patty for her amazing hard work, creativity, and dedication while positioning Bridgecross for present and future growth. With over 20 years of knowledge and know-how in contracting and business development, she helped us obtain numerous business certifications and our recently-awarded GSA Schedule 70 where her extensive experience provided us a unique approach for our proposal and negotiations with the GSA. Patty is passionate in making sure we have what we need when we need it. She is hardworking by always being on top of situations and following up to make sure everything is in order. She is simply the best at what she does … providing AWESOME results!

- Margie Collins, Managing Principal and CEO, Bridgecross, LLC, an 8a, HUBZone, ED/WOSB, and SWaM company providing quality information technology and project management services to public and private sectors.

Patty was my professional mentor for more than two years where she showed me the ropes of navigating government and commercial procurement. I sat in on numerous negotiations where she taught me by example the importance of being prepared for negotiations, listening to the other party to determine what is truly important to them, and always having the ultimate goal of win/win for all parties. Without her guidance I wouldn't be where am I today - working on a contracts portfolio of over five billion.

-Royal Rosario, Senior Contracts Administrator, Fortune 100 Telecommunications Company

I once heard Patty referred to as ’The Contracts Whisperer’ — and after working alongside her at a B2B manufacturing company for a few years, the moniker is very fitting. Her ability to take the complexity of contracts distill it down so that her clients can a) understand, and b) use those contracts as effectively as possible is something she’s unbelievably good at.  Another piece that separates Patty is her understanding of the whole picture when it comes to contracts — it’s not only the negotiation and the winning of that contract, but it’s the marketing of that contract (to the public as well as to your salespeople), the ongoing training and continuing education to make sure teams have all the details of the contract and how it can be used, and making sure the team is updated when there’s a change to the contract in any way.  She gets the contracts process from all angles, and she’s incredibly organized when it comes to all of it. Seriously — hire Patty. She’ll take some work off your plate, and she’ll set your business up for contracts success!

-Mel Ripp, Owner & Creative Gal, Peapod Marketing & PR Consulting

I worked with Patty on a very time sensitive, critical project.  We needed to interact with people, literally, from all walks of life.  She approached each one with equal dignity and respect.  That has always stayed with me. Her dedication and enthusiasm for the project were infectious. Not only did we get the job done, our results were head and shoulders above all other teams’!

-Kristina Marada, Claim Service Compliance Manager